Manufactrurer of Orthopedic & Spinal Surgical Implants and Systems
about us

Attila Orthopaed Company was founded by Mr. Ali Tahassory in 1990, aiming at supplying medical equipment needed by Iranian patients and medical centers. Having investigated and identified problems, limitations and required facilities, he decided to arrange for treatment of Iranian patients suffering complicated spinal diseases by Iranian knowledgeable and proficient surgeons inside Iran by elimination of problems and supplying required facilities. In this regard, along with sending Iranian surgeons and specialists abroad for training of new modern spinal surgery techniques, Attila Orthopaed Company took another big step toward improvement of scientific level of spinal surgery knowledge and skill in Iran by inviting the most internationally renowned professors and organizing and holding the First International Seminar on Spine Surgery in Iran in 1993. It is noteworthy that the first adolescent patient suffering spinal column deformity (Scoliosis) whom underwent spine surgery by foreign and Iranian surgeons during the course of this seminar, is now a young engineer working in the Quality Control unit of factory of Attila Orthopaed Co. in Sanandaj city, Kurdistan province.

Concurrent to training, importing subspecialty spinal surgery items required to treat patients were sought in order to provide necessary facilities to carry out such surgical operations in the country. At the same time aiming at manufacturing in the country, the Company considered indigenization of modern technology of manufacturing orthopedic and spinal surgical implants on top of its agenda and achieved manufacturing technology of these high-tech products for the first time in Iran, using the knowledge and expertise of distinguished Iranian university professors without any need to get the knowhow from other countries. Concurrent with imposing sanctions against Iran, the company started manufacturing of products at its factory in Qazvin in 1997 and achieved the great success of production of spinal surgical implants for the first time in Iran. Another Company’s significant achievement was production of hip joint prostheses for the first time in Iran that recorded the name of Attila Orthopaed Company as the first manufacturer of orthopedic prostheses of Iran. Visiting Company’s factory in Qazvin by Governor of Kurdistan province along with his deputies as well as Directors of Industries and Mines Organization of Kurdistan, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences and other high authorities of Kurdistan province in March 2003  and observing Company’s capabilities, potential and development plans  led them to invite Attila Orthopaed Company to start establishment Company’s development plans in Sanandaj, thus new chapter was started in Attila Orthopaed Co.’s production activities.

Currently, Attila Orthopaed Co. is manufacturing orthopedic and spinal surgical implants in its production complex located in Industrial City No. 3 in Sanandaj in Kordistan province and providing patients and medical centers with required items and services nationwide.

It is noteworthy that Attila Orthopaed Co. has also its huge manufacturing project under construction now in Industrial City No.1 in Sanandaj, Kordistan province which is going to be completed and hopefully Sanandaj city and Kordistan province will see opening and operation of this unique project in very near future if the required conditions is being provided as soon as possible.